Spiritual exercises online I


For any person (or couple) who may wish to advance in their relationship with God and improve their life.

An educative pathway of conversion:


Four weeks without leaving off the activities of your ordinary life, maintaining your daily routine.

One hour of reflection, of prayer, each day.

You will need to have a Bible during this time.

It is important to make some notes each day.

For this hour you will need an adequate place, a peaceful place, a church.  The ideal would be to get up very early in the mornings every day during these 4 weeks.

It is very important that each one of us "finds his/her own state of prayer.

We are a blank sheet upon which we write our lives.

If God inspires you to a form of prayer that is different to that which we indicate in the "notes", follow that course and leave the "notes".

But do always make a note of the experience that you have.

 During the four weeks:

1.      The daily hour of prayer

2.      Fasting - to some degree this is important

A coffe for Breakfast

A good lunch

In the evening only fruti

3.      Alms

For every day

To begin:

Kneeling or standing

Place oneself in the PRESENCE OF GOD:

He is here.  HE LOVES ME, He is looking at me.

The Lords Prayer, say this slowly

 In silence, worship

Humility, felling dependant upon God.  In need of everything.

We approach the throne of MERCY

Give thanks:

For this life that I have

For this day

Ask for forgiveness

Ask for the grace to live this day of personalised exercises

(And start the theme corresponding to the day)

Upon finishing

I think it is good to KNEEL

Worship in silence for the time that you think necessary.  You may repeat the word or idea that has most appealed to you. 

Give thanks for the time you have spent in His presence.

Say, slowly, an Ave Maria to Our Lady.